B5291 Cane Feeder & Washing Table Chain

Are You Searching the B5291 Cane Feeder & Washing Table Chain?


The above Cane Feeder drop forged Chains are used for feeder tables and in cane washing station. These chains at Gee Ess Engineering Works, are of simple construction and require no tool for assembly or disassembly. The B5291 Cane Feeder & Washing Table Chain can be turned over to provide new sliding surfaces after the original side has worn.



We always use quality materials in the manufacturing of B5291 Cane Feeder & Washing Table Chain. These include:

Malleable Iron: Strictly selected raw materials are used for manufacturing carrier chains of black heart malleable iron. It is the most appropriate materials for the chain which operate in filthy water, mud or chemical and acidic liquids. It is less corrosive, more durable, wear and shock resistant.

Steel For Chains: A variety of carbon, nickel chromes and stainless steel are used in the manufacture of carrier chains. Such materials are purchased in extra quality grades of assuring correct hardness, strength & other mechanical properties of finished chain parts.

Pin & Bushes: Pins & Bushes are of carbon, nickel chromes and stainless steel are used to manufacture pins for chains. All the pins are heat treated by case hardening carbonizing and are hardened up to the desired degree of hardness.

Side Bars: Side Bars are of carbon & alloy steels which are being heat treated. The hardness of sidebars depends upon the application and imposed loads.

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