These chains are made out of high quality steels, like EN-8, EN-9, EN-19. Side bars are subjected to like Blanking, Piercing & Grinding. Further links are hardened and tampered to avoid linear elongation & to get better strength, followed by shot penning to improve the fatigue strength.

Pins and bushes are of EN-24, EN-351, EN-353 & SS-410 according to the requirements of respected clients or based on load requirement and working conditions. Every care is taken into consideration for the chains to perform successfully in the hazardous conditions under which these chains are to be operate. All the parts are ground to be close tolerances to achieve the maximum accuracy and heat-treated and carburized for optimum wear resistance & increased. Pin & Bushes are precisely machined followed by heat treatment and grinding/polishing.



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K1 Attachment

K11 Attachments

K11 Attachments 2

K19 Attachment

K2 Attachments

K2 Attachments 2

K2 Attachments 3

Loop Link Attachment

* The tabular dimensions and weights are approximate and are not binding. Design improvements may result in variation from the published figures and verification is recommended.


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