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Do You Need the best quality Forged Shafts?

The Forged Shafts that we manufacture at Gee Ess Engineering Works, are one of the best and flawless forged steel shafts available to our customers globally. An important component of the machinery for paper mills, marine power, wind power and other electric utilities, these forged shafts are supplied by us to Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Haiti, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, and many more countries in the North as well as South America. Hence, we are a well-known Forged Shafts Manufacturers.





We, as Forged Shafts Manufacturers, manufacture quality forged shafts ensure that the growth of the business along with the customer satisfaction, is aided well and we do it with the help of our expertise in the creation of forged steel shaft. Our in-house testing, heat treatment, and machining facility also allow us to deliver quality forged shafts for various applications.

Why are we one of the Best Forged Shafts Manufacturers?

As a well-known supplier of Forged Shafts and one of the Best Forged Shafts Manufacturers, we can produce any kind of forged shafts with a diameter you require. These forged shafts at Gee Ess Engineering Works, help purchasing teams save money when compared to precision machined shafts from bar stock. Our forge manufacturing solutions produce varied forged shafting styles from a large selection of material types.




Advantages of Forged Shaft Manufacturing at Gee Ess Engineering Works include:

  • Greater strength and fatigue resistance
  • Reduced downtime because of premature failures
  • Increased service life
  • Ability to operate at higher pressures and load weight
  • Weight Reduction
  • Decreased probability of voids

Teaming up to make a successful partnership with all our clients is the basic principle that we, at Gee Ess Engineering Works, follow yo be able to serve our clients with effectiveness and proficiency. We are a well known Forged Shafts Manufacturers and you can contact us anytime for any kind of forged shafts requirement.

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