Gears Manufacturers & Suppliers in North America

Are You Searching For Gears Manufacturers & Suppliers in North America?

At Gee Ess Engineering Works, we specialize in the manufacturing of custom gears, machined parts and assemblies. Committed to excellence, our top priority is producing quality products and customer satisfaction with continual improvement. The Forged Gears are our regular product and therefore we are a well-known Forged Gears Manufacturers & Suppliers in North America at present.




These forged gears and couplings are widely used in various industries like cement plants, rolling mills, sugar mills, conveyors, etc. and are durable for all types of industries and we are exporting our forged gear couplings all over in North America and therefore, are a well-known Gears Manufacturers & Suppliers in North America.

Why Choose Gee Ess Engineering Works for Forged Gears?

Features of the forged gears manufactured at Gee Ess Engineering Works include:

  • Highly durable.
  • Made with high-quality raw materials of carbon steel, alloy steel & stainless steel.
  • Better working life and high performance.


Gears Manufacturers & Suppliers in North America


We design and manufacture high-quality Sprocket Gear useful in various heavy industrial applications. The Sprocket Gear has tooth-like forecasts organized on a rim in order to interact with the hyperlinks of a cycle. We manufacture and supply these Forged Gears to different parts of the world including countries from North America as well as South America.

Your any kind of need regarding Gears can be fulfilled by us at Gee Ess Engineering Works.

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