WH124 Welded Steel Chain

Need WH124 Welded Steel Chain?

The WH124 Welded Steel Chain at Gee Ess Engineering Works, provides dependable operation with long wear life; the ability to accept shock loads and freedom from high maintenance costs. At Gee Ess Engineering Works, the premium, heat treated side-bars are precision-machined and welded to solid, tubular barrels and then connected with induction hardened pins for maximum strength and durability, which makes us the Best Chain Manufacturers and Suppliers in different parts of the world.




All our chains are built to exceed industry standards. Also, the standard and heavy duty welded steel chains are offered with various attachments, riveted or cottered, for use in the Timber, Fertilizer and general industries. WH124 Welded steel chains are popular choices for a wide variety of material handling applications and our welded steel chains at Gee Ess Engineering Works come with through-hardened pins which always ensure strength and durability. You can order your engineered chains from us anytime.

These chains provide great flexibility to sugar mill users since attachments can be welded easily on site. You will never be disappointed from the quality of our chains whenever you use them.

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