Our manufacturing operation is integrated across a wide number of departments: foundry, sheet metal fabrication, machining, punching & stamping, heat treatment, welding, and chain assembly. Years of creating engineered conveying solutions provide a depth and expertise that allow Gee Ess Engineering Works to meet and exceed customers’ requirements rather than just provide a standard product and hope it fits.


Gee Ess Engineering Works products are monitored at every stage of manufacture. Inspection of all components takes place throughout the manufacturing process. Also, a comprehensively equipped laboratory is maintained for calibration of measuring equipment and metallurgical testing. Our stores are well stocked with the most popular steel raw materials, forgings and castings as well as finished components and chains.


Our customers know they can rely on our company, because we’re not just a conveyor or sprocket vendor to them. Our customer service and sales staffs take time to understand our customers and their needs.


We follow the same careful manufacturing and ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures, whether the project is a standard, off-the-shelf item or a highly customized conveying solution. In the end, while our company history and processes provide the foundation and tools for our success, it’s really Gee Ess Engineering Works employees who make that success a reality.




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